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Selling a vehicle doesn't have to be a choreSelling a car is never on anyone's list of favourite activities. However from time to time needs must, and your financial outlook may necessitate a quick sale of your vehicle. Your car could also be on it's way out, and getting a replacement need a significant monetary outlay. In such situations time is money, and going through the long drawn-out process of selling a car the traditional way does no favours for your wallet. Simply putting a 'For Sale' sign in the back windscreen of the car is almost an act of desperation, giving you no guarantees of a sale whatsoever. In a similar vein, writing an advertisement for publication in a classifieds magazine or marketplace website such as Auto Trader is often thwarted by lack of buyers to sellers; the inventory usually far outweighs the potential purchasers available.

Thankfully, to save car sellers from jumping through endless hoops, there are many car buying services available nowadays to anyone who wants to use them. These services offer a variety of features that will be welcomed by everyone wanting to sell a car. Standardised pricing means that wherever you are in the country, you will be given the same amount for your car, and not be at the mercy of local car dealerships whose pricing systems are altered on a whim. Most car buying services also offer a guaranteed sale, which can usually be completed in a week or less, depending on when their vehicle inspectors pass their eyes over the motor in question. After keying in the number plate of the vehicle you're interested in selling, it's details are inspected, and then a couple more questions about the car's condition are all that stand in your way of a quote being given to you.

There are no obligations with regards to this quote, and after you have time to mull it over you are free to either look elsewhere to sell your car, or accept the offer for your vehicle, and get the monies either in your bank or as hard cash in just a couple of days. After making this decision, all you need to do is arrange an appointment to have your car checked, and all being correct and as described, the money can be sent to your account straight away. Should you be in a hurry and need paying on the same day, then for a modest fee this can be arranged.

An additional service available is the buying of your vehicle if it still has some finance on it. This works by the car buying service giving you a quote as usual for buying your vehicle, and then using some of the money it would be paying you as per the quote to pay off the outstanding financial agreement, and then giving you what is left of the amount. This can however slow things down greatly, and if you are after a quick sale it is often best to pay off the finance agreement yourself before any sale. It is of course not possible to go down this route every time, but to stay legal, either of the two options should be taken if you want to sell a vehicle that still has finance owed on it. After the vehicle has turned up at the inspection appointment (making sure you bring relevant documentation; the V5C log book, some photographic ID, two proofs of your address, and possibly some other information), all that is left is to go home (you might want to bring a friend or relative along so they can give you a lift) and await the payment into your bank account.